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The Original Cycleabra - Gourd Style
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Athens Ohio Commuter Map   Link to a Printable PDF Athens Commuter Map

Athens, Ohio Bicycle Map

A map to help identify bike friendly routes in Athens, Ohio.

** Some recommendations for commuting by bicycle in Athens **

  • Never assume you have been seen by the drivers around you. Become an expert at making eye contact with motorists and pedestrians. Be bold about giving them appropriate signals. Frequently point to where you intend to go.

  • Wear a well fitted helmet. Adjust the four helmet straps so that they have equal tension when the helmet is level on your head. Replace your helmet at least every five years. With exposure to the element the styrofoam gets brittle reducing it effectiveness to protect you in the event of a crash.

  • Obey all traffic laws. Bicycles are considered a "vehicle" according to Ohio's Law. This means that you must abide by the same rules that motor vehicle operators do. Here are some of the most frequently ignored laws by bicyclists. Use hand signals when turning. Ride with traffic. Don't ride in restricted areas. Riding on Uptown sidewalks in Athens, Ohio is illegal. Don't run red lights or stop signs.
  • Be seen. Wear bright clothing. Neon pink, lime green, and chartreuse during the day.

  • Use an adequate light system when riding in the dark. Flashing lights are especially effective at making one visible. Although not adequate without lights,be sure to equip you bike and clothing with reflective materials for night riding.

  • Watch out for doors opening from parked cars into traffic. When possible avoid riding closer than three feet from parked cars. Take special notice of parked cars that are occupied.

  • Be aware of road hazards. Hazards to be especially wary of include parallel storm drain gates, cracks in the pavement that run parallel to traffic flow, poorly marked speed bumps, wet steel plates used during road maintenance, and loose gravel and/or sand.

  • Report road hazards to Robert Heady of The City of Athens Engineering and Public Works Department at rheady@ci.athens.oh.us or

    Here Are Some Useful Links for the Commuting Bicyclist

    Athens Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee: The mission of the City of Athens Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee's (CABPAC) is to promote public health, safety, and sustainable transportation through making walking and bicycling use safe and accessible. We will achieve this through legislation, planning and education.http://www.bikeandwalkathens.blogspot.com/

    Bicycling Street Smarts: This compact tutorial, available as a 46-page booklet and this online version, will increase your safety and confidence while bicycling on any road, whether you are a beginner or an expert. http://www.bikexprt.com/streetsmarts/usa/index.htm

    Ohio Bicycle Federation: Improving the lives of Ohio's bicyclists through legislation, education, and sharing ideas. http://www.ohiobike.org/

    Digest of Ohio Bicycle Laws: Information given here includes revisions to the Ohio Revised Code effective Sep 2006 that made Ohio bike laws more unifiorm throughout the state. http://www.ohiobike.org/index.php/digest-of-ohio-bike-laws
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